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TEFI Membership provides access to networking, a space to share resources, and quarterly Power Hours delivering professional development with international thought leaders.

Membership offers the opportunity to connect, learn and grow regardless of where you are in your career and lifecycle.

The value proposition

Here is where things get interesting! Being part of this community is more than a simple financial proposition. The community generates psychological, social, cultural, emotional, economic, environmental, and political value that goes far beyond money. Communities such as this generate value that is both tangible and intangible and is often hard to capture in a simple individual cost-benefit.


Instead of creating a one-size-fits-all membership, we would like to encourage everyone to find a membership level that recognises their personal value proposition in engaging with the TEFI community. We encourage you to make a personal reflection on your circumstances, the extent you would like to (or can feasibly) contribute to the work of community-making, and the value (financial or other) that you would like to contribute. 

Put simply, we ask you to enter into a collaborative economy where the value invested and benefits enjoyed are not necessarily financial.

Everyone is different


It's all about moving away from the 'me' (value to me for my money) to the 'we' (what can I contribute to building a flourishing community that will benefit something that is bigger than me).


To help you think about this diverse value proposition we include some examples illustrating the diverse value exchange in the community. The button at the bottom of this page will take you to the membership page.

Levels of community membership:

Community connector

Eliza is a mid-career scholar on casual contracts who loves to connect with people. She has a natural talent for connecting the dots. Eliza chooses a lower membership rate and contributes to community building by inviting others and making them feel welcome.

listen webinar.png


Juan is a zoom maestro and online facilitator. He has a private online course business and is keen to extend his contacts and understand customer needs. Juan chooses a higher membership rate. He can afford it, but he also values the expansion to his existing contacts base and the insights he gains from hosting.

conference speaking.png


With attention to detail and a flair for event organisation (which he is studying), Claus volunteers to help organise community events. He chooses a lower membership level because he is actively engaged in the community and sees benefit from his position as media intern.

Contact us.png


Johannes was made redundant and is not yet retirement age. He has 30 years of knowledge he'd like to share and would like to feel his knowledge is still valued. He chooses a lower membership level and offers to host the monthly mentoring circle while he looks for other employment.

write power hour.png


Pratisha loves to write. She is nearing the end of her PhD and is happy to write four blog posts a year. She chooses a mid-level membership because she sees the long-term value of her engagement in the community for her job prospects in the future. She also is grateful for the mentoring circle.

global community.png


Sally is a community administrator. She monitors the discussion board, answers questions or connects those looking for connections. Sally has studied marketing and will graduate soon. She choses the lowest membership level because she adds social value to the community.

TEFI owl (2).png


Jayden is a busy academic on a full-time salary. He's too busy to volunteer but would like to tap in and out of events and have access to resources. He chooses the highest membership level as a way of paying it forward to those in the circle who are less able to contribute financially.

learning books.png


Simonetta is a retired CEO and has a reputation as a thought leader and creative hack. She would like to mentor young leaders and contribute to their professional development. Simonetta chooses a higher level of membership to support TEFI values. She is very active in the discussion group.

contact us phone.png


Kate works for a large travel company and would like to find good interns for short term projects and educators to facilitate professional courses. Her company gives a donation to support the community and to establish an intern research project register. Kate receives full membership.

Membership levels

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