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The calls for tourism to change are increasing. Since 2006, TEFI has been advocating for a shift in the values underpinning tourism curricula, in the way tourism is taught, and to diversify learning opportunities.

The values-based shift that TEFI developed, and has continued to evolve over almost two decades, has now morphed into a new language of purpose.

Purpose-led or valued-based, whatever the term you like to use, the TEFI community has been developing, advocating, experimenting and sharing their insights for many years.


We share with you some of these legacy resources and references below. More are to be found in the TEFI community. 


Over the years, a wide range of research reports, books, special issues and papers have been produced by TEFI members. Here you will find key resources. Join our community and you will be able to find and share more.

We would like to collect and record any legacy documents associated with TEFI's journey, so if you would like to submit any documents to our digital archive please contact us.



Sheldon et al., 2008. The Tourism Education Futures Initiative (TEFI). Activating change in tourism education. here


Sheldon et al., A Values-based Framework for Tourism Education: Building the capacity to lead.Tourism Education Futures Initiative. here



Building a Stronger Future: The future of tourism and hospitality education

Australian Office of Teaching & Learning. Archived project website 



The Tourism Education Futures Initiative: Activating change in tourism education

Darko Prebežac, Christian Schott & Pauline Sheldon (Eds.)

Routledge 2014


The Routledge Handbook of Tourism and Hospitality Education

Dianne Dredge, David Airey & Michael J. Gross (Eds.) 


Tourism and Social Entrepreneurship

Pauline Sheldon & Roberto Daniele (Eds.)


2022. Re-purposing tourism: engaging our radical in tourism education

Journal of Teaching in Travel and Tourism (forthcoming)

Editors: Karla Boluk, Carrie Herzog, Daniela Freund, Kajsa G. Åberg

2020. Knowing with nature – The future of tourism education in the Anthropocene

Journal of Teaching in Travel and Tourism 20(3)

Editors: Emily HöckertOuti RantalaJosé-Carlos García-Rosell & Minni Haanpää

2019. Building our Stories: Co-creating tourism futures in tourism research, education & practice

Journal of Teaching in Travel and Tourism 19(1)

Editors: Brendan PaddisonEmily Höckert & Émilie Crossley

View here

2017. The Disruptive Power of Caring (TEFI 9 – 2017)

Journal of Teaching in Travel and Tourism 18(1) 

Editors: Kellee Caton & Bryan S.R. Grimwood

View here

2014. Tourism Education for Global Citizenship: Educating for Lives of Consequence

Journal of Teaching in Travel and Tourism 14(2) 

Editors: Kellee CatonChristian Schott & Roberto Daniele

View here

2013. Tourism Education for Global Citizenship

Journal of Teaching in Travel and Tourism 2013(2) 

Editors: Christian Schott & Ulrike Gretzel

View here

2012. Tourism Education Futures Initiative Collection

Journal of Teaching in Travel and Tourism 2012 (1) 

Editor: Darko Prebežac

View here

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